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In the spring of 1969 a group of Columbia High School students turned a game into a sport in a parking lot in Maplewood, NJ. With a quixotic zeal, the kids worked to convince media, the school and other frisbee groups that ultimate would soon involve professional leagues and Olympic dreams. They failed, but ultimate did grow to 10 million players in 100 countries — even though it's still played at the old parking lot. This is the true and surprising story of 55 years of ultimate frisbee told by the teenagers who played every chance they got… down at The Lot.

This film will tell the unlikely origin story of ultimate on the screen for the first time.

Our sport doesn't know it's own story. Ultimate was never hippie and wasn't a bohemian child born of the countercultural revolution. The pioneers and founders — and their ideas that infused the sport — haven't told their story, until now. This documentary explores the principles of the sport that have remained in place to this day: inclusion, fairness, whimsy and athletic prowess.

The project has already shot over 50 hours of original footage and gathered hundreds of archival documents. This film could be a fit for a major streaming partner seeking a unique, untold story ready for the next stage. We are aiming high.

Featuring: Jon Hines • Heidi Hellring • CHS Sparkle Motion 2023 • CHSVFT 2023 •  Marques Brownlee • Fred Applegate • Candy Johnson • Jared Kass • Ed Summers • Irv Kalb • WUCC Worlds 2022 • Rutgers vs Princeton 72  • CHS Hall of Fame Ceremony 2022 • Dan "Stork" Roddick • Geoff West • Larry Schindel • Christy Whitehead Sullivan • David Dinerman • Tom Gockel • Gary Stranz • Shelly Payson • more

Contribution Categories: What You'll Get
$100 and under: replica 1970s frisbee sticker two pack
$200-$500: replica 1970s stickers five pack and copies of first or second CHS rules pamphlet
$500-$1000: all of the above plus duplicate photo prints of the earliest days of ultimate and a replica 1970s hat

$1000-$2000: all of the above plus early access to edited material and a signed copy of the rules
$5000 & up: all the above plus film credits, ROI and surprise screenings

The Lot is produced and directed by ultimate player, author and historian Tony Leonardo.
The film is being shot and produced by a freelance team of current and former players including Jenna Hunt, Seth Gleaner, Rob Featherstone, Jack McGovern, Anna Kristofick, Chuck Cleary and more.
The Lot includes the support and/or advice of players Jody Avirgan, Martha Gregory, Eric Eckelman, Jon Read, Andrew Park, Kate Bergeron, Mike DeNardisWilliam Brotman and more

This project is fiscally sponsored by the 501(c)(3) International Documentary Association and approved contributions are considered charitable and tax-deductible.

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1972 at the Parking Lot photo by ®Larry Schindel
Dave Meyer, Robert Evans, Irv Kalb, Ed Levy

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